Weight loss and e-commerce: What’s new

If you are in the e-commerce nutritional supplement or online weight loss industry then you might want to take a look at this new report which details the outlook for the 2017-2018 weight loss market online. Taking a look at multiple factors like product endorsements, political effects, and insurance changes, the report is incredibly thorough. In addition to the comprehensive report, there is a great deal of advice on how to minimize the risks involved for you, the business owner. If you are looking to get involved in the high-risk business of selling weight loss systems online, information is an invaluable asset. The analytics accounts for not only sales and statistics from e-commerce sites, but also from over 75,000 social media conversations and other impressions found online. The authors intent seems to be to give the best insight possible for marketers and sales departments.

Digital Journal also shared a report on the subject, saying that demand for the weight loss and fat burning supplements will grow substantially by 2022, according to an analysis on MarketResearchHub.com, which you can find here. These articles all point in one direction; the demand for these products is growing, and now would be a great time to do some research and see if it’s a product line you want to pursue in your e-commerce business.

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