How to accept payments on your fantasy sports site

Please note, we are not a legal website. We provide e-commerce solutions, answers, recommendations, and advice on topics like “what’s the best way to accept credit cards on my high-risk website”. If you are going to start a fantasy sports website you really need to consult an attorney. Really. We mean it.

If you are already past the legal review and simply need to get up, running, and accepting payments then please contact us using the short form at the bottom of this page, or click here.

Starting a fantasy sports website 101

One of the major attractions to e-commerce is the potential to make good honest money off a properly set up website. Once you are up and running, and learn to drive traffic the site sells for you. An online fantasy sports website can make even more for you with a little bit more effort up front. First, it’s important to remember there are different laws governing fantasy sports in every state and country.

Knowing these laws before you even get started is highly recommended, so we found a very useful, albeit unofficial gambling info site with details about laws and how to apply for permits in those regions. You can find that info here. We are not affiliated with that site, and again… really… consult an attorney familiar with your industry.

Find a payment gateway and processor for fantasy sports

The next step might be one of the most important for the stability of your business. Because of the “high-risk” and heavily regulated nature of your industry, in order to accept payments, you will need to find a payment processor that allows fantasy sports. Better yet, find one that appreciates your business. Choosing the correct payment processor is not only security for you and your business, but for your players too. Because of our many years of experience, we can recommend a payment processor and payment gateway that is the best fit for your industry. We will also help you step by step in setting up and activating your payment gateway when the time is right and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the process.

Find the right platform for your online fantasy sports site

The next step in figuring out all the legalities and applying for permits is to start building the website itself. You must start with a solid gaming or fantasy sports platform, something that provides the information and player interface you are looking for and is also reliable, fast, and most importantly, secure. Choosing the right types of leagues is important too, there are all sorts of new and interesting fantasy styles to play online. We do not recommend custom-built payment applications as it complicates your approval process for processing, and opens you up to great liability in terms of customer cardholder data.

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