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OsCommerce and Authorize.Net

You can now set up high-risk friendly Authorize.net accounts for osCommerce with Tasker Payment Gateways LLC. We’ll be happy to guide you through your payment gateway set-up and make sure you are set up with an appropriate merchant account on the back end. Contact us to learn more. 

With technology evolving people are deciding to shop online more. Whether on their phones, tablets, or PC’s the idea of hassle-free shopping is attractive. To keep up with the competitive marketplace, you need a safe and convenient payment gateway. We can not only assist in your search for the lowest cost Authorize.net merchant account for osCommerce, but also help you log-in for the first time, generate a username and password, and even help you with required credentials such as an API login and transaction key. This service is available for people just starting out with their own online business or for well-established online businesses.  

Setting up an osCommerce Authorize.net Merchant Account

Most people, when they are ready to get set up, will go online to osCommerce and Authorize.net and set up a shopping cart, payment gateway, and merchant account. The payment gateway connects your merchant account to your shopping cart. Just as the little black terminal on the counter of your favorite sandwich shop transmits your cardholder data when the clerk swipes your credit card through it, the payment gateway transmits your customers’ data in a similar way, albeit with many more features and security measures in place. With a little bit of research, you can actually go ahead and set up the merchant account on your own. You certainly don’t have to find someone who specializes in payment gateways. When you do it yourself though, you may miss out on discounts that only we (who have a large volume of merchants) can get.

Whether your merchant account needs are for traditional e-commerce or something more high-risk like weight loss, electronic cigarettes, or cigars, it is all within our area of expertise. We can answer any questions you have and make sure you are getting the right payment gateway set up for your business. We do this whether you are a paying client or someone who is just looking for some friendly advice!