Online Dating Payment Processing

Why is online dating high-risk?

If you are thinking of starting a dating service, or similar online community of profiles at a cost there are some things you should be aware of in terms of the financial side of such endeavors. Typically it can be difficult for a website to be approved for a standard merchant account through conventional providers due to several risk factors in the field. The main reason an industry or type of service commonly prohibited and considered “high-risk” is that the processors expect a higher rate of chargebacks to be experienced by online dating sites based on the history of the industry in general, not based on any merchant in particular. Another reason is that the type of service is commonly categorized under “adult merchant accounts” by banks and processors, fairly or not, regardless of the depth of “adult” oriented images and profiles on the site.

Simplify with an expert merchant account recommendation

So what do you do about this predicament? Online dating can be a very lucrative business to get into and can easily generate profits once you get started. Before you can begin this endeavor, though, you’ll need to find a payment gateway and a merchant account that fits your business. We have years of experience and know all of the top players in the industry. We also offer one on one support through our network of vetted independent agents and partners. If you are in the online dating business and need help with a payment gateway and merchant account for your business, contact us now for a free, friendly recommendation.

Marketing and business support

You may be asking, “what’s the difference in service between the average merchant account and what you recommend?” There is a significant difference between the run of the mill payment processor you may stumble upon during an internet search and a vetted gateway merchant processing combo referred to you by Tasker Payment Gateways. The biggest being that support is provided at every point of the customer experience, and one on one support is provided at no additional cost for start-ups and existing business alike.

From the moment you contact us to get the information you need the support begins, and you won’t be sold into filling out numerous applications with providers that do not want your business. In addition, there are some features that come with certain options, such as an NMI account, which gives you the option to add multiple merchant accounts to one gateway log in so you can manage all your URL’s from one place and route high-risk business to high-risk processors and low-risk products and services to traditional providers.