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Share your expertise, and make money in coaching

It sounds pretty simple, right? Whether you are a coach or trainer in business, fitness, personal goals or just life, there is a lot more to it than simply sharing your knowledge with another person. You are starting a business! That requires a lot of planning and work to ensure you can make a living off of the information you have. There is a lot that goes into getting started with a coaching business; here is an excellent article that gives you the rundown of how to get started.

Set up your website with coaching friendly payment methods

Especially in today’s market, you NEED a website to sell your services, no matter what coaching niche you are trying to break into. To coach another in any field requires that you look like you know what you’re talking about, so having a professional looking website is essential. You will find that once your business grows, it can be difficult to find a payment processor who will run your transactions. This is because you are considered by many payment processors to be in a high-risk field, especially if you do recurring billing or have a maximum sale amount more than a few hundred dollars. In financial terms, it means your business has a high perceived chance of chargebacks, and because of that, you are thought of as more of a risk than other merchants. Luckily you can still get the service you need, learn more about solutions like NMI here. By getting a payment gateway and recommendation to a coaching friendly high-risk processor, you will be able to run all the services you offer on one website, and not worry about getting shut down when the processor finally realizes what you do for a living. Contact us anytime for gateway or merchant account recommendations.

Expand your marketing reach

Now that you have some background on how to make money with your expertise, how do you increase business? Finding clients isn’t always easy; there are many questions you must answer before you start looking. Who is your BEST possible client? Where do you find those people? How do you convince them to hire you? These are all questions that require an answer before you move too far into your business plan. Here is an excellent guide from that can help you with those issues.

Need help accepting credit cards?

Coaching businesses are generally considered high-risk by merchant account providers. As such, many reputable coaches have a hard time finding solutions that allow them to integrate an affordable payment gateway processing solution with their site builder of choice. If you need a coaching friendly recommendation for your workshop, mastermind, or online course, we can help point you in the right direction.

The coaching business is wholly dependent on you transferring your knowledge and helping others find success. Let us know if we can help pass on our payment processing knowledge to you.