Shopify, the brainchild of a programmer-turned-internet entrepreneur – is arguably one of the easier and more feature-rich platforms on which to create a virtual store for both traditional and high-risk e-commerce. For merchants without design or programming skills, it offers over a hundred professional and easy-to-customize templates from which to create a storefront. For those wearing multiple hats, it offers easy and hassle-free store management features, such as customer accounts, order fulfillment, and refund tools. And for everyone who has ever owned an e-business, it has an integrated shopping cart that works with over 70 payment gateways. Among these gateways is one of our favorites – Network Merchants, more commonly known as NMI. NMI is a leader among the various payment gateways and is highly regarded for its wealth of features and the flexibility it gives to all merchants, but especially those that have been deemed “high-risk.” Businesses that have struggled to find a gateway that suits their needs have often found a perfect solution in NMI.

One reason why it works so well with Shopify is its ability to manage multiple accounts under a single login – that means merchants managing several Shopify sites can access their credit card processing payment gateway accounts under a single login and generate reports from one place, instead of having to access several different sites. NMI also offers a PCI-compliant environment in which to store customer data – a feature that enhances Shopify’s standalone capabilities as a storefront.

High-risk businesses, such as multi-level marketers, FFL dealers, and online e-cigarette stores, can reap the added benefit of NMI’s proprietary ATRI multi-merchant account balancing feature, which automatically routes sales through multiple merchant accounts, allowing merchants to more easily manage sales volume, and route their “high risk” products through potentially more expensive gateway processing solutions that accepts such items, while limiting the number of other products that are assessed such higher fees.

Best of all, all this happens under the hood of a Shopify account, so you don’t have to exchange ease of use on the front end for ease of use on the back end.

If you have a Shopify website and are looking for the right high-risk payment gateway, or if you run a high-risk business and want the ease of a Shopify website, but are concerned about whether its supported gateways will be robust enough for you, we invite you to consider NMI and contact us or call us for more details at (207) 772-8737. We’re happy to help!

P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.