When to turn away business

Say no sometimes, even when you need the business.

We get it, you want to please everyone, you want to be the hero, you want to accept every referral, every online sale – you want it all. There will be times, however, when it’s necessary to say no. There may be a client that’s just too difficult or demanding. You may have a situation that, no matter what can’t be resolved, you may have an online order that’s too good to be true but you really need the sale. Over time and with more foresight, saying no gets easier. Our friends at Shopify have written a great blog on the subject. If you are a consultant, coach, or designer you should check it out! Even if you are a traditional eCommerce warrior you should learn when to pass. For example, if a client places a large order, and needs rush shipping, that is a big warning sign. If someone wants their product to send to a UPS store and does not want to speak on the phone? That’s time to put up your fraud radar. Here is another great Shopify Blog on eCommerce fraud, and which sales may be too good to be true.

Keep in mind if you are a Shopify designer or consultant and have high-risk merchants in your client base we have plug and play high-risk gateway payment processing solutions for Shopify, contact us anytime to learn more. You may also want to visit our “Just For Developers Page”

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