Vaping related sites worth visiting, if you are in the business

Below are some helpful EU based, electronic cigarette related links we stumbled upon this week (many US and Canadian merchants have asked us about selling in the EU), and a link to a page on US regulations we posted a little while back.

The regulation of vaping products, especially in terms of online sales is a growing concern. If you are a US or Canadian merchant and want to distribute vaping products to the EU,  you should be aware of, and take the time to familiarize yourself with, the regulations being implemented by the European Union under the Tobacco Products Directive. These regulations look to be taking effect in May 2016.

Additionally, we’ve discovered a blog all about vaping that has a lot of good EU and AU related content. Word of caution, the content can be a bit “colorful”, but we appreciate the research this individual put into their blog especially their “worth reading this weekend” section.

For those in the vape business, there are several other posts that may be of interest, one of which is a UK  produced guide from the National Center for Smoking Cessation and Training that is actually very clear and positive in its opinion on vaping and how it compares to smoking in terms of safety.  The pdf along with other links can be accessed here, at the guidelines in practice site for UK health professionals,  you may find it a very interesting read.

Currently, in the United States,  there is a myriad of state and local laws to be concerned with in addition to impending federal regulation. We posted a summary of US state laws for internet E- cigarette sales as a reference. {You should always consult an attorney if you are unsure about any rule or regulation that affects your business regardless of the country you are selling in}.

If you are currently, or are considering selling electronic cigarettes online and want some recommendations on payment gateways, merchant accounts, SSL certificates, shopping carts, or just want to talk about eCommerce in general, feel free to drop us a line anytime, we are always happy to help.