USA ePay has been providing payment gateway solutions since 1998. This company not only was on the forefront of payment gateway technology from the beginning, it continues to develop gateway solutions to fit our ever growing need for doing business through mobile devices. In fact, USA ePay made it possible for any computer or mobile device to be used as a credit card machine, and it is thoroughly integrated with some accounting software. There are several other features of USA ePay that make it beneficial to online retailers.


One aspect of USA ePay fraud protection is their address verification system, or AVS. This system verifies every billing address entered by the merchant, to make sure that it matches the address on file for the card. This gives the merchant the option to refuse the sale if the addresses don’t match, saving you money in the long run due to fraud on the consumer’s part.

You also get card id verification through USA ePay. This is through the 3 or 4 digit code on the back of any major credit card. Once again, if the codes don’t match, you don’t have to accept the purchase, and are free to reject it.

You can select from several different fraud modules within USA ePay. In fact, they are constantly adding more services to give you the freedom to upgrade or adjust your service. These features protect you as well as your customers.


Most businesses use a payment gateway of some kind for their credit card processing. Each merchant has different needs, based on the type of merchandise, the size of his customer base, and the specific needs for handling orders from different parts of the country or even world. In trying to find services for the different demands of their business, some merchants have made the mistake of hiring a variety of vendors. However, USA ePay can do it all. You don’t have to worry about a fraudulent charge with USA ePay. Not only will you save money, your customers will be more secure knowing that their credit cards are protected.

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