A plurality of our high-risk e-commerce clients use WordPress as their web design platform, and the majority of those merchants use a tested, reliable e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce. Note: If you are unfamiliar, high-risk refers to industries like vape, FFL, online cigar sales etc. The ability of WordPress and WooCommerce to integrate to any number of high-risk friendly gateways like NMI, ePN or, when set up with the correct processor on the back end, Authorize.Net – makes WordPress a great choice for high-risk e-commerce warriors. Because so many of our clients use WordPress for their e-commerce businesses we wanted to give you some tips and tricks that might your make life a bit easier.

Visuals are a big piece of the puzzle for web design, and menus are included in that

If you want your menus to pop you should take a look at these plugins to help you with just that.


Teamwork is essential if you expect your employees or partners to be able to work well together

These days cloud based services and other tech products allow us to collaborate easily together. Here are some plugins that might be a good choice for your team.


Did you lose your HTML snippet functionality with a recent WordPress update?

Here is how to get it back!


Learn more about the newer TinyMCE functionality

Give yourself the power of advanced visual editing.


Are you a bit confused as to when it’s best to use a custom field vs a customer taxonomy?

This article offers a great explanation of when it’s best to use each


Need high-risk payment gateway or merchant account recommendations?

Contact us anytime for advice on WordPress friendly, high-risk compatible payment gateways, fraud mitigation, cash-flow funding or merchant account recommendations!

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