The Holiday e-commerce season is coming

If you are in e-commerce, the time to prepare for the holidays is now.

Recently it dawned on me that the holiday season is right around the corner (at least in the e-commerce marketing world). I thought because there is so much going on this season, that it would be best to remind our readers to get a head start on planning while everyone is still wrapping up their back to school shopping.

Email marketing:

This Practical Ecommerce article has some sound advice on how to get your email marketing going for a successful shopping season. Ideas like putting together your strategy and artwork now, so you can execute outreach when appropriate, popped out at me as solid advice.

Keeping up with the Joneses:

We would also suggest a healthy level of checking up on your competition to see what trends are successful and what might not be worth taking the time to try. Here is a solid Hubspot article on what has worked so far this year.

What are your holiday goals this year? Don’t let it sneak up on you!! Start now!