Shopp plugin and high-risk payments

High-risk WordPress payment processing with Authorize.Net or NMI

If you own a WordPress site and are looking to accept payments for vaporizers, cigars, FFL to FFL sales, or another common high-risk product type, Shopp may be a great fit. This is because the Shopp WordPress plug-in comes “out of the box compatible” with Authorize.Net and NMI. Both of these gateways, when set up correctly and powered by an appropriate high-risk friendly merchant account on the back end, are among our favorite high-risk friendly payment gateways. Shopp makes one of our jobs, recommending high-risk merchant accounts to you that are Shopp compatible, easy.

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If you need high-risk payment processing options, we can help you get set up – and making money – efficiently, and with one on one support. Want to learn more about Shopp? Continue reading below. If you need to learn more about high-risk payment processing, need a merchant account recommendation or are ready to get started accepting payments with Shopp using Authorize.Net or NMI, just fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you right away.

Want to learn more about Shopp? Continue reading below

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Powerful e-commerce performance on your WordPress store

If you are using WordPress to build your web store, you will need a good plugin for e-commerce functionality. Shopp is built specifically for WordPress users and is packed with powerful features to give you the best advantage. Shopp includes your standard cart features, such as promo codes and variable adjustments for pricing and products, but goes much further with features like SEO, JavaScript, and security functionality. High-risk merchants like FFL dealers, vape and e-juice sites, and premium cigar sellers could all potentially benefit from Shopp.

Using Shopp as the foundation of your high-risk product line will help you sell faster and sell safer. One of Shopp for WordPress’s best features for busy, small package, high-risk sites like vape and cigar sales is the real-time shipping rate add-on. This add-on allows you to get shipping quotes on current rates for local, national, and international shipping from services like UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, Australia Post and Shipwire. Shopp also includes many security features; one of them is a daily scan for vulnerabilities by McAfee Secure, which is a top of the line software security company. Shopp designed their software with credit card processing and high-risk friendly payment gateways in mind. It’s PCI-DSS functionality and compliance components are carefully engineered and built in, meaning your transactions will go through with some of the highest security standards on the market.

You can add special user roles on the back end to allow for customer service representatives who won’t have access to your financials but will have access to your customer’s transactions, allowing you to outsource your customer service, or hire someone for that role without giving them sensitive information about your business finances. Additionally, you can choose where to store your business info. Shopp can store some data in the built-in database, but you can also choose to store the files on your own server or locally on your devices hard drive.

Important: You should not be storing cardholder data anywhere but on regularly scanned, and fully PCI validated systems, so feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions on PCI compliant gateways and cloud storage.

Standard features you expect, plus many you wouldn’t

Catalog features are another standard you can expect to provide what most e-commerce carts provide, but Shopp goes the extra mile to bring you useful tools like customer integrated accounts, a download locker to help you manage purchasable downloads, customizable template system, and back-end tools for developers. Shopp has really packed in as much as possible into its platform to give you fast and powerful performance and it’s also compatible with many popular plugins you might want to use in tandem. Learn more about Shopp on their site at