Shopify and Pinterest Join Forces To Create the First Social Media Market

Pinterest is getting married – and its chosen partner . . . Shopify.

Although Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest have been talking about adding a buy button for years, Pinterest was the first to announce on June 2 that its talk will soon become a reality, thanks to a relationship with the popular e-commerce platform, Shopify.

The Pinterest Buy button, which will go live in upcoming weeks, will automatically give mobile users the option to purchase the items they pin with a credit card or Apple Pay without ever leaving Pinterest. Merchants who have prepared for the event by adding the Pinterest Sales Channel to their Shopify account and preparing their products according to Pinterest’s guidelines will see the button automatically appear next to the Pin button for every person who’s ever re-pinned the item.

This free addition to Shopify, allows merchants to add unlimited products, easily track pins, re-pins, and orders through the Pinterest Channel Dashboard, and offer a more streamlined way for mobile users to order on their devices.

As far as we can tell Shopify is the only platform that currently allows businesses to take advantage of this new feature. The e-commerce platform, which boasts over 165,000 stores and over $8 billion worth of sales allows merchants to create their own e-commerce websites, complete with a shopping cart and back-end product and customer management tools, including order fulfillment, customer profiles, the ability to give refunds, issue coupons, and more.

Merchants who have been considering Shopify and who are ready to take the leap can sign up for the Pinterest Sales Channel here.

Merchants who would like to experiment with Shopify or selling on Pinterest can learn more about the platform here then sign up for a free trial of the full software (including Pinterest buttons) here.

Please note high-risk business types, such as cigar and tobacco, e-cigarettes, alcohol, or firearms merchants, are advised to call us first for help in setting up a high risk-friendly Shopify gateway.

For more questions about Shopify or advice about finding the right platform, shopping cart, or merchant service provider for your business, contact us anytime.

(Don’t forget that American users and sites may be required to include a small advertising disclosure into their post – everyone selling online should really review the FTC endorsement guides and follow them.)