Salesforce high-risk payments and chargent

Are you considering CRM software like Salesforce and looking to integrate with a high-risk friendly payment gateway option? AppFrontier provides Chargent, a full-service payment processing solution for businesses like yours, with fully integrated features right out of the gate. Chargent is Salesforce native, giving you unprecedented control over the CRM software. There are many payment gateways to choose from including Authorize.Net and NMI (Network Merchants Inc) both of which are not only easy but also secure, straightforward to setup and when paired with the right high-risk processor, they are high-risk friendly.

What does Chargent do?

Chargent is also able to do both one-time and recurring billing, making it easy to manage your incoming payments and cash flow. It includes a fully customizable invoice creator, giving you yet another branding opportunity to ingrain onto your clients. Using its payment console allows for two major advantages, reducing your PCI compliance scope, and supporting credit card and ACH transactions and tokenization. That’s not the only significant advantage though. Chargent is the only software we know of on the AppExchange which allows payments through Salesforce Customer Communities, Partner Communities, and Portals, giving you a huge advantage over other businesses.

Chargent security features as a native Salesforce app

Chargent is safe and secure, being a native Salesforce app it not only uses the security features of Salesforce but also reinforces them with its tokenization features which along with high encryption and custom profiles makes Chargent a good choice for secure financial transactions, even in high-risk merchant account categories.

The support you need for Salesforce and Chargent

As you would expect AppFrontier is there to help and support you if any issues arise with Chargent, but we are also there to assist you with any payment gateway issues that might pop up over time. We can also be there to hold your hand through the setup process of Authorize.Net or NMI along with a high-risk friendly processing recommendation to ensure you get up and running easily and without added stress. If you need more control over your transactions, it might be an excellent idea to look into Salesforce and Chargent, and contact us for high-risk gateway and processing recommendations.