QVC taking advantage of the internet boom

You’re sitting in front of the television. It’s 2 am and you’ve got a serious case of insomnia. You start flipping through channels desperately looking for anything remotely interesting. (Pun intended) Suddenly, something brakes the metronome of your finger hitting the channel button.  Voila, it’s QVC. There’s that perky individual begging you to “Call Now!” Try the newest garden hose, those slimming yoga pants, or the latest in lab-created gemstones. QVC has been around forever and you’ve probably watched at least 15 minutes of it. Admit it. You know how to order from them too, just call that toll free number. But in order for QVC to go beyond marketing to the baby boomer generation, they needed to become more accessible. Sales have skyrocketed for QVC since they’ve transitioned to online and mobile sales. If you’d like to read more about QVC and how they took advantage of a changing world please click here for a solid article from Internet Retailer.

If you would like to take a cue from QVC and look into marketing online and over mobile devices, contact us anytime, we can help get you started!