Plug’n Pay for Shopify

On a recent visit to Shopify’s website, I was greeted with a picture of a cleverly dressed young lady clad in a hip orange scarf and black-rimmed glasses. When I clicked on the feature button and scrolled down, I was face to face with an example of a beautifully designed website displaying cupcakes. Perfect timing…It was lunchtime, and I was hungry!! I’m not sure how Shopify does it but something about their layout and design sure makes you want to buy from their clients!

What is Shopify?

Shopify, for those unfamiliar with the name, is a great company that helps new or established merchants create a website to sell products and services. They are simple to use and even have website experts available to those who do not have a certain “eye” for this kind of thing. With Shopify software, merchants have the ability to change or add products, change the website design, view product orders, accept credit cards, and so much more! You can visit them here.

How Plug’n Pay fits in with Shopify

With over 50 different payment gateways supported, Shopify makes it easy to integrate the best payment gateway to meet your needs. For example, Plug’n Pay is a payment gateway that is one of the easiest to integrate. For those of you new to selling stuff online, they are one of the best options out there. Plug’n Pay offers a variety of payment options such as fraud protection, and recurring billing.  In addition to Plug’n Pay, we offer as well; although Plug’nPay can be a better fit if you are considered a high-risk merchant account type. Feel free to use our contact form and describe your business; we will get right back to you with advice and next steps.

We have had only positive feedback from our customers who use Shopify and Plug’n Pay. Between the simplicity of using these two systems and their well thought out designs, it’s easy to see why they are such a popular combination.

How we can help

Please use our contact us page, or call us anytime for a free rate quote, or just some friendly advice. We offer Plug’n Pay along with low-cost full-service merchant accounts through our fully vetted processing partners. Through our various partners, we can even offer terrific programs for higher risk merchants such as e-cig / electronic cigarette merchant account gateway combo’s, accounts for internet marketers, and more. We even offer a free newcomer program that includes one on one support, and complete personalization throughout the entire setup process.