Internet travel and tour payment gateways

Accept credit cards on your travel website

Payment processing is the central cog to making money online as a travel site, if you can’t process credit cards you will lose out on the most popular way clients pay for products and services.

If you are new to high-risk credit card processing, we are happy to answer your questions even if you are just getting started, so please contact us for more information. We can recommend a payment gateway and merchant account that fits your online travel business. We will also help you, one on one if needed, integrate a payment gateway on your website that will allow you to process credit cards, and process those credit cards in a stable predictable way, even though your industry is considered high-risk.

Why is travel related credit card processing considered high-risk?

Online travel, and travel in general, is considered high-risk due to the delay in the time between when a client pays for travel, and when the client receives what they paid for. This risk factor is referred to as “future services”. If you accept payments, weeks or months in advance, and your hotel facility or tour company is unable to fulfill their obligation, who is going to repay the client? Our vetted payment gateway and merchant account recommendations specialize in “high-risk” industries like yours and help to protect you from held funds, and merchant account shutdowns.

Want to start a travel agent business?

At first one might think it could be fairly simple to set up a travel planning or tour site, but it can be complex. There are a few major issues you may run into if you plan on making this website a true business success: chargebacks, fraud, and unstable credit card processing. Due to the persistence of fraudulent activity and the fact that some businesses have a larger percentage of customers who demand a return due to “future services” there are many merchant processors who won’t allow you to use their payment services.

Another issue is because of the varied regulation in the travel agent industry processors do not want to get caught in the middle of a regulatory battle. Make sure you are following federal and local laws before you begin to do business online or in person. We found a good website that breaks down US State laws regarding travel agents – take a look here.

Find e-commerce software for your travel agency

Once you have figured out the local requirements for starting your travel agent business you might want to check out our list of software spotlights on our blog which can make creating your business website easier and help you attract customers faster. Also, please feel free to contact us anytime for recommendations.