One of our favorite payment gateways for electronic cigarettes merchants

One of our favorite payment gateways for electronic cigarette merchants and other merchants considered high risk is provided by the friendly folks at NMI, or Network Merchants in Chicago.
They have been one of our main go-to gateways for high-risk merchants who love their cart, but struggle to get approved with some of their cart’s in-house payment processing and gateway solutions. Lately, we have had a bunch of folks who use and love both Shopify and BigCommerce and it is great to take their outstanding cart and shopping platforms and set them up them with appropriate high-risk payment gateway and processing partners.
NMI has supported the vaping industry for years, and have been a welcome partner in the E-Cig world. There was a time when it was hard to find gateways and processing services for E-Cigs, yet NMI has always allowed this unique industry to thrive and grow by using their gateway for online payments.
In addition to their long-standing support of E-Cigs, NMI is a great solution because they not only allow online sales, but you can also use NMI for swipe sales when you’re face-to-face with a customer. That gives you a lot of flexibility while traveling, or while attending a show or if you have a booth selling to the public.
Another very helpful feature of the NMI gateway is the ability to use one login and password to access multiple processing accounts — either with multiple vendors or even if you have several accounts with the same vendor. This is very handy when you are growing and need to add multiple processing accounts either for flexibility, or to load balance due to processor imposed volume limits.
NMI supports hundreds of cart solutions which can be found here, but if for some reason NMI is not your best fit we are also setting electronic cigarette merchants up with gateway services from Authorize.Net and Eprocessing Network, just contact us for recommendations.