Mijireh Checkout payment gateways

Mijireh Checkout, in conjunction with a compatible payment gateway like NMI or Authorize.Net, is a service that can bridge the gap between a safe customer buying experience and a seamless one.

For merchants who have neither the time nor the knowledge to set up an in-house PCI-compliant merchant environment, which could include a complex combination of firewalls, encryptions, monitored network access, testing, and reporting, Mijireh provides the peace of mind that can come with a third-party handling all your credit card data.

However, for merchants concerned about preventing customer confusion through redirects to third-party sites, a drop in their conversion rate, or simply aesthetic consistency, this service also provides an excellent solution by perfectly matching the checkout page to your website’s theme for a redirect that’s almost invisible.

How does Mijireh work?

Mijireh is a hosting service that hosts only one page of your website – the checkout page. Because all credit card information is entered and processed off your website, there is less need to lose too much sleep about PCI-compliance. Mijireh also employs PageSlurp™ technology, which uses the CSS of your website to create a page that almost perfectly matches your website theme for less customer confusion, resulting in higher conversion rates and greater overall satisfaction.

Mijireh and WooCommerce

Mijireh is designed to integrate with nearly all WordPress e-commerce plugins, WooCommerce being among the most popular. Mijireh does not take the place of WooCommerce, which is a plugin that adds functionality to your WordPress website, such as the ability to add products, track inventory, and generate sales reports; but rather it integrates with the plugin to handle the checkout process once the customer is finished shopping.

You can think of it as a three-step process:

  1. Your customer browses the products on your website, which are there thanks to WooCommerce, and adds them to the WooCommerce cart.

  2. He indicates that he is ready to check out, and is immediately redirected from your WooCommerce website to the checkout page on the Mijireh server, which looks identical to the rest of your site. Unless a customer looks at the address bar and notes the change in the URL, he will never know he has left your website.

  3. Mijireh processes the credit card information securely and routes that information to your payment gateway, such as NMI or Authorize.Net. Once the payment information has been processed, the customer is automatically returned to your WordPress website.

Of course, Mijireh works with more plugins than just WooCommerce. According to the company, it’s compatible with virtually all WordPress e-commerce plugins. And if you like a new plugin for which compatibility is not yet available, it’s fast and easy to contact Mijireh to let them know.

Mijireh and payment gateways

Some e-commerce services are only compatible with select gateways and payment processors; however, Mijireh is compatible with over 85 of these services, including NMI and Authorize.Net – two gateways we’ve found to be invaluable to our customers due to their flexibility and reliability. Moreover, Mijireh handles both of these gateways natively – no plugins required. This is excellent news for merchants who want or need the variety of options these services offer but want to retain the aesthetics of their site.

At Tasker Payment Gateways, we have extensive experience working with both NMI and Authorize.Net and can help you both select and set up the payment processor that’s right for you. If you need help integrating it with a service like Mijireh, we’re also happy to help! Please contact us or give us a call at (207) 772-9737 and let us walk you through the setup process.