Microsoft Dynamics 365 and payment options

Microsoft Dynamics 365, an e-commerce software with infinite scalability and high-risk options

When it comes to software, sometimes you just want to go with the something you know, a company that’s been around longer than the e-commerce market itself. Microsoft Dynamics 365 could be that answer for the medium-sized or enterprise level business looking for a better solution to their e-commerce website and marketing.

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 you get all the support and tools you need to increase sales and service, receive business intelligence reports and analytics, manage your financials, handle your supply chain and logistics, perform project management, and much more. One major advantage of using Microsoft Dynamics 365 is that it’s completely mobile ready with all of the Microsoft Office apps, allowing you to work from anywhere you have an internet connection.

High-risk payment processing made easy

High-risk businesses like MLM’s or recurring billing based affiliate marketing programs often have a hard time finding a software, gateway, processing combo that works. Because of its ability to connect to hundreds of merchant accounts worldwide through an NMI gateway, MS Dynamics 365 is fully high-risk compatible. Contact us anytime for processing recommendations, regardless of your (legal) business type.

Once you’re set up using our payment gateway for Dynamics 365 you can rest easy. Not only are you working with Microsoft, whose security department is always keeping things up to date with the latest threats, but also you’re doubly secured on a high-risk payment gateway through NMI which connects via Simcrest.

Sell smart, sell often

Dynamics 365 makes your sales process smarter, with predictive analytics and other tools that give you an edge. Using these tools along with features such as Cortana Intelligence and Azure Machine Learning you will have more analytics than your competitors, and you can follow up on those leads using all the power of Office 365 to make your business look serious and professional.

Don’t just acquire customers, keep customers

Dynamics 365 offers unique solutions to keep your customers loyal and happy. It not only enhances the way your customers experience your business, it also simplifies it for you. Use the adaptive power to your advantage, as you’ll get up to date information and changes in any market you’ve set up with cloud-based support, keeping you plugged in.

When you’re plugged in with omnichannel engagement, you can also get anything your customer’s need to them virtually instantly, keeping them happy. This is also a huge perk for your team, as they can easily access the information and no matter which member serves the customer they will get a great, personalized experience. Another big perk is the ability to set up self-service tools and peer-to-peer services, adding more value to your business. Dynamics 365 also plugs into all the social media channels so you can find your customers wherever they go.

Microsoft Adobe Cloud

If you’re concerned about your ability to market, this is definitely a great solution for you, by signing up for Microsoft Dynamics 365 you are entitled to their partner program with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud. This grants you access to powerful tools that you can use to attract the best customers for your business, and send them across your omnichannel network. Going a step further you can put together beautiful ad campaigns and measure their return using the Adobe tools.

Collaborate with your team

One of the biggest perks of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is definitely its ability to keep your team on the same page. Sharing data and keeping everything up to date, as well as sharing projects and customer info to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine. This increases the intelligence of your business processes and heightens your ability to sell and keep customers, not to mention increase the productivity of your team/business.

If you would like to talk to us about setting up a high-risk payment gateway, or get a merchant account recommendation for your business, contact us anytime.