Merchant account options for supplement trials

Since 2003 we have regularly worked with nutritional supplement merchants to help them with payment gateways, fraud reduction, and to help them find and keep stable merchant account providers that are OK with the trial, or “negative option model”. If you are unsure as to what exactly defines a trial sale in terms of merchant accounts click here for a blog post we wrote on the subject.

Depending on the regulatory climate at any given time, and many other factors, that processors use to judge risk – placing a trial supplement can either be very straightforward or nearly impossible. If you would like a read on the current climate, please reach out any time.

Finding an appropriate credit card processor for your trial business, especially if you are selling supplements or skin care products, can be daunting. We have years of experience and can assist you not only with setting up an appropriate payment gateway but also with recommending a stable, “trial offer friendly” merchant account for your businesses.

Common trial products:

  1. Cleanse and diet -acai, green coffee, raspberry ketones, garcinia, hoodia, forskolin, Caralluma, etc
  2. Cognitive enhancement and brain health supplements
  3. Teeth whitening products
  4. Skincare -topical skin serums, creams, anti-aging products
  5. Hair care and eyelash products, supplements and lotions
  6. Muscle enhancement, testosterone support, NO2, etc
  7. Sexual enhancement products, adult products

In addition to supplement trials, we can also assist if you are in the following industries:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  2. Training or coaching

If you offer a product or service on a free trial basis and you’re looking for recommendations on payment gateways or merchant accounts, contact us anytime.