May the upcoming IT forces be with you

From increasing cyber-security threats – whether it be by teen-aged hackers in their mom’s basement, savvy robin hood hackers, or even foreign governments – to the impact of “The Internet of Things”, and an uncertain economy, there are forces out of your control that will affect your business over the coming year. We work with a lot of startups and find that they are usually so invested in the day to day of getting their business off the ground that they are not plugged into some of the trends that dramatically affect their business. We always recommend that startups stay on top of eCommerce trends via social media (our pages are a good start, you can find the links in the bottom corner of this page), via trade journals (which are usually free), and informational sites online.

Jeff Kaplan from eCommerce times has written an article discussing some of the major issues that may affect your business in 2016, it’s a good, short read so if you are new to the business and sell online you may as well start plugging into the trends that will affect you now. You can read Jeff’s article here.