irsLogics and hard to place merchants

Looking for a better solution?

Are you a tax professional that has had a hard time getting approved for a payment gateway? Do you wish you had a better software solution to help you handle some of the more tedious and repetitive tasks and allow you to spend more time helping clients and acquiring new customers?

There are a lot of tax software packages out there, but one, in particular, stands out. irsLogics is one we like, especially because it integrates with popular payment gateways allowing us to assist even “hard to place” merchants. One of the biggest perks is that irsLogics has ready to go CRM software built in, with a particular set of tools added for the tax professional. It is also 100% web-based, making it accessible from anywhere you have internet access.

Whether you’re an attorney, a CPA, enrolled agent, or an entire tax firm, this software has the tax professional tools you need to get the job done quickly and efficiently, you can even prioritize your clients’ needs, making sure you meet all of your deadlines! irsLogics even makes form-filling a breeze by automatically filling your forms with previously entered common information.

In addition, the software updates itself yearly with all the new tax laws and regulations, making it easy to remember everything. There is even space for notes on conversations you’ve had in the past, so you can make sure to remember all the important details of that client. In addition to the plethora of useful tools, irsLogics is also incredibly secure, utilizing all of the latest technology in encryption and server protection.

Grow Your Business!

With irsLogics, you can use its top of the line CRM tools to find new clients from a variety of sources. You can then filter through them for various information and assign them to your team. Integrate all of your favorite tools into the system to make things even easier, including calendars, payment processors, and call centers.

IrsLogics integrates with Authorize.Net which makes setup through Tasker Payment Gateways super easy, and also has its own built-in invoicing and billing system, which will make handling your own finances incredibly easy, so you can focus on your clients!

Lastly, irsLogics is completely scalable, whether you are solo in your business or have offices across the nation, you will be able to organize, assign, communicate and regulate your entire business. If you are thinking of making your business smoother, you should check out irsLogics.