Integrating WooCommerce and Mijireh with a Payment Gateway

How to Integrate WooCommerce and Mijireh with a payment gateway.

Lately, we have been coming across a lot of merchants who use the Mijireh checkout page with WooCommerce; some of these merchants have been in high-risk verticals such as ingestibles, or electronic-cigarettes, and needed the ability to manage multiple merchant accounts through one gateway. For these Merchants we generally recommend NMI.  Not only does NMI allow them that “multiple account” flexibility, it does so without affecting the functionality of Mijireh or WooCommerce. For many other merchants, we have been recommending Authorize.Net, especially to those already familiar with it.  Because of the recent interest, we figured it would be nice to go over basic payment gateway integration when using WooCommerce and Mijireh.

Integrating NMI is simple and easy (the Authorize.Net process is roughly the same feel free to contact us with questions).

Here are four easy steps:

  1. From the Dashboard screen, copy the Access Key and paste it into the Settings section in WooCommerce.
  2. Confirm your email address.
  3. Enter your NMI API credentials where asked.
  4. Click the Go Live button and you’re ready to sell.

Be sure to do a test transaction (for a dollar is fine) and track that sale all the way to it being deposited to your checking account. There are a lot of moving parts in the online transaction world, and this is not the time to take shortcuts. The odds are everything is setup correctly, but you are so much better off to take a moment, test test test and find out for sure. After all, wouldn’t you hate to miss even one sale from a setup error when it was all easily avoided? Always make sure your processor knows you are going live, and follow your first sale right to your business checking account (usually 2 days later).

Happy selling! – John

John is the high-risk specialist here at Tasker Payment Gateways. If you have any questions about  E-Cigs or other high-risk payment gateways, call him at 812-265-9700 or email him at John @ .

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