Selling high-risk products on Weebly simply requires knowing the right vendors and plug-ins.

Weebly is a popular, easy to use, web hosting, site building, blogging, online store creating, plug and play, drag and drop, user-friendly software suite that is popular with countless numbers of e-commerce merchants, including many high-risk merchants.

The percieved challenge of accepting payments online for high-risk products on Weebly.

Many merchants contact us after they have already taken the time to set up, and perfect their Weebly site, only to find that the payment provider they selected considers their product a “prohibited category”. Often times merchants who are new to e-commerce are unaware that payment processing is something you have to be “approved” for. Many new merchants think to themselves “I want to get paid, people want to pay me, this should be easy”, but, the reality is that many high-risk product types are very difficult to obtain processing for – without the right direction and advice ahead of time. (Call or contact us any time for high-risk processing recommendations). Processors often have concerns with the risk associated with chargebacks, a merchant’s ability to cover refunds, banking regulations, or sometimes a simple lack of history on a particular industry. Even a merchant in a mature market such as an FFL dealer can run into big issues, especially when selling online. Another common reason that high-risk merchants struggle with finding processors on their own is that banks and processors can be concerned with upheaval in an industry – like what happened in the electronic cigarettes world when the FDA began letting it be known what their intentions were. We chronicled that saga in detail on our blog and have helped literally hundreds of folks navigate those waters through a solid recommendation, or even a free, friendly phone call. Regardless of the reason, many high-risk merchants find themselves in the unenviable position of having a beautiful website, a properly sourced and priced product, a potential customer base, and no way to get paid. Fortunately, Weebly merchants, even high-risk Weebly merchants, have great options.

The solution to accepting high-risk payments for Weebly merchants.

Option 1. Source a high-risk friendly Authorize.Net gateway.

Authorize.Net is an awesome service, but it is commonly misunderstood. In a nutshell, Authorize.Net is really a payment gateway more than it is a processor, you can read about that distinction on our home page. For low-risk merchants, Authorize.Net integration is as simple as a drop down sign up option in Weebly, but not all Authorize.Net gateway/processing bundles will allow all products. When you are a high-risk merchant it is important to work with a payment consultant that can point you toward an all-in-one, processing/Authorize.Net bundle that is not only high-risk friendly on the payment gateway side, but ALSO on the processing side. Please contact us anytime for a high-risk friendly, Authorize.Net/processing bundle that works for your business. To integrate your own high-risk friendly combo we see a lot of folks use Ecwid – more about that later.

Option 2. NMI, Network Merchants Inc – “THE” high-risk choice for many.

NMI is a perfect high-risk gateway solution that allows you to manage multiple merchant accounts from one login, or simply connect one account to Weebly via Ecwid (I know, we will explain Ecwid in a minute!). If you have an existing merchant account — from anywhere in the world — we can almost certainly connect it to NMI for you. If you do not have a merchant account yet, we can help you get set up with an NMI compatible high-risk merchant account — and hold your hand through the process, making it quick, easy and simple. Again, if you run multiple websites or have multiple merchant accounts, NMI can allow you to manage it all from one gateway log-in, and balance your volume appropriately, based on risk level, transaction amount, product type or volume. NMI’s ability to handle multiple accounts at once simplifies your businesses gateway administration many times over, and is one of the most popular NMI features! Click here to read more about NMI’s high-risk friendly features. 


Ecwid is an elegant shopping cart solution that allows you to process through one of many payment solutions of your choice via a few simple snippets of code. Ecwid allows easy integration between a high-risk merchant account payment gateway combo and a hosted solution like Weebly. You can read more hereor contact us any time with questions.

What Now?

Whether you are uninspired and confused, or breathless with anticipation we would love to talk to you. Regardless of who your vendors are, or how savvy or unsavvy you are, we strongly suggest you start with a friendly, free conversation. If you are brand new to e-commerce and nervous about what you don’t know, we will take the time by phone or email to break it all down into tiny little bites, so you are not forced to choke it down all at once. We love working with newbies, and are always glad to help folks start out right.

Contact us, tell us a little about your situation and we will go over your next steps, give you some recommendations, and help move you toward selling online, and making money.



P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.