HikaShop for Joomla: a high-risk software spotlight

Cutting through the clutter in the giant world of website platforms and shopping carts is HikaShop, which works with Joomla. A lot of site owners feel it has top of the line tools and enjoy its modular, open sourced software. Below is a little summary of HikaShop and some info on how it works with high-risk payments.

Joomla is just the base platform, the real attraction for us is HikaShop

Joomla on its own is a powerful open source content management system (CMS) platform with a robust set of core features and a long list of extensions to give you the power to accomplish your goals. One aspect we really like is that it does not overwhelm you with features and extras you will never use.

HikaShop is an e-commerce extension written explicitly for Joomla as an all in one e-commerce solution for your website. With both open sourced and modular aspects, the HikaShop Joomla combo has a lot of features that our high-risk merchants may benefit from. Taking advantage of Joomla’s compatibility with Authorize.Net (one of our preferred high-risk payment gateways) it is an extremely convenient way to sell your products, whether they are cigars or vape pens, FFLs and tactical gear, or another regulated product or service.

To make itself even better HikaShop offers multi-store management, so you can open multiple stores for products that you wouldn’t want to market together, and manage your inventory, analytics, and payment processing from one system.

Please note that you may require multiple merchant accounts depending on what products you are selling. In similar but distinctly different fashion, you can also set up various vendors on your web-stores, giving you, even more, control and options on how to sell products. We can help quickly recommend a merchant account that suits your exact needs and integrates perfectly with HikaShop. Contact us any time for help with a payment gateway or merchant account.

Connect to your customers with HikaShop

Marketing tools are all over the place these days, and it’s the primary function of any good website, it’s just a matter of what you are marketing. In many high-risk industries, there is a good deal of regulations to follow or red tape to deal with that may restrict where and how you advertise. Fortunately, HikaShop on Joomla gives you many options on how to attract customers and entice them to buy from you. Out of the gate, HikaShop comes with an email-marketing tool, a coupon and discount tool, and it also allows you to connect to Google Products, so your products are listed when potential customers search for products like it. There aren’t many statistical or analytical tools with the basic package, but there are upgrades to gain access to reports, charts, clicks/leads/sales tracking and more. It does come with some powerful SEO tools and options though, allowing you to maximize the visibility of your website, there are a few more available when and if you upgrade, but the basic package is impressive for SEO.

Regarding product listing, the features are relatively standard, upgrading your account will give you additional product options such as comparative view and a waiting list for out of stock items. An important thing to note is that HikaShop is a third party out of the European Union, and is not affiliated with Joomla, this also explains why their prices are listed in euros instead of dollars.

Payment processing and high-risk e-commerce

Joomla and HikaShop make this process a lot easier by being compatible with Authorize.Net, but there are still a few steps to take when preparing your website to be ready to charge credit cards and receive payment. First, you obviously need a merchant account for the industry in which you are preparing to sell. As mentioned above, we can quickly recommend a merchant account that fits your exact needs and integrates perfectly often with a better deal than you would find out on your own. We do this with no cost or obligation to you; we receive our incentive from the service providers.
Additionally, we can help guide you step by step through the process of setting up your Authorize.Net account to both your merchant account and your website. We don’t mind holding your hand through the process if it means you get set up correctly and quickly. Use the contact form below to ask any questions or begin the process!

Advantages of open source websites

One of the best features of an open source web platform like Joomla is that you can add any features you can program, either yourself or by hiring a web developer. HikaShop is not an “open source” extension, but due to the nature of the platform, it should be possible to make compatible adjustments. Don’t be afraid to search the web for new compatible extensions, be careful when selecting them and try to verify its source and authenticity. It’s usually not a bad idea to hire a programmer if what you want to do is complicated and delicate. Where there’s a will, there’s a way with an open source platform like Joomla.

Need a high-risk payment gateway for Joomla? We can help!