High-risk spotlight: iVenue Webmaster tools

If you are getting started in the e-commerce marketing side of creating web design, SEO, or hosting services you may be surprised when it comes time to find a reliable way to accept payments. If that sounds like you, and due to your clientele (adult oriented), your billing plan (free offer, billed after 30 days etc) or your product (SEO, recurring billing), your site has been categorized as “prohibited” by a payment system or deemed to be in a high-risk category, iVenue may be a tool for you, as long as you have the right payment system in place.

iVenue, webmaster, and payment friendly

iVenue is built for those who want to be their own webmasters or start a web hosting business, but don’t want to program, iVenue allows you to customize your website offers without any coding or major hassles, and choose a high-risk payment solution of your own. – Contact us anytime for recommendations. The iVenue tools are designed to help you in several endeavors, including e-commerce, domain name purchasing, the online marketing of products and services and reseller licensing. iVenue provides great payment friendly means for you as a high-risk category merchant.

Sales made easy, e-commerce ready

Right from the start iVenue is ready to display and sell your products and services. If you are entering a high-risk field you can get a merchant account recommendation from us, and set up a high-risk payment gateway that works seamlessly within iVenue, WHMCS or any system you have chosen. We will take the time to learn about your business and work with our network of contacts and relationships to find a payment acceptance solution that works for you.

Easy money from hosting or licensing

You can utilize the flexibility and ease of use that iVenue offers and create websites for others, or host their site and make a residual off of their business. Maximize your profitability and increase your usefulness with one simple program. You can even register domains through an easy to use tool built into the software.

Market yourself and market your products

iVenue makes it possible to stay in touch with clients, market to new potential customers, and drive traffic with built-in marketing tools. Use social media and other channels available to your advantage, build up your SEO, and make your websites work to entice new clientele. This product, when you combine it with a recommended merchant account and a payment gateway from us can help you be ready to make money, and grow your business.