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Jigoshop is one of the strongest competitors in the WordPress e-commerce world for a very good reason, its fresh, robust, and fast design. Jigoshop’s e-commerce plug-in is compatible with high-risk payment gateways like NMI and, when set up properly with a high-risk merchant account, Authorize.Net. The platform powers over a half million e-commerce stores and, with a little payment gateway advice from experts like us, can be an excellent solution for legal, hard to place high-risk merchants like vape/e-juice merchants, FFL dealers, and premium cigar websites. The entire system has recently been redesigned for ease of use, all the way from managing your inventory to converting visitors into customers. Sales are streamlined through your site to give you more conversions quickly, increasing your revenue.

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If you are looking to get your high-risk online business up, running, and accepting payments on Jigoshop we can quickly and efficiently help. We will work with you, one on one, to quickly set up and integrate your Jigoshop e-commerce site with an FFL, vape, cigar, MLM or supplement friendly payment gateways such as NMI or a high-risk friendly Authorize.Net account. You can read more about WordPress, JigoShop and the NMI gateway here. We can also recommend a stable high-risk merchant account partner so you can start selling and making money. (it’s what we do!)

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Web developer features

Alternatively, Jigoshop is also a perfect fit for web developers who manage several shops for high-risk e-commerce clients through their server or hosted domain. Jigoshop is designed to be customizable by developers who want to build reliable and fast e-commerce storefronts for their clients. Jigoshop gives developers the ability to create their own themes or incorporate ones you may have already made to give you maximum control over your website’s image.

Depending on their setup, your clients may need multiple merchant accounts integrated into a payment gateway, for example, if they are selling diverse items on multiple URLs. If you have a client running more than one e-store with high-risk needs be sure to contact us for the best advice on how to move forward. Also, check out our “just for web-developers” page to learn how we can help.

Attract customers with optimized SEO

Jigoshop has been designed with one thing in mind, sell sell sell. To that effect, they made sure to pack it full of SEO functionality to give you the best chance of catching as many customers as possible. Help them find you by using these tools to your advantage. They also include a complete reporting and analytics system for you to review and improve your traffic and conversion rates.

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most important factors in e-commerce these days because all your competitors want to be listed above your site on the search engine results page. Shoppers are more likely to go to only the first couple listings on any search result. Jigoshop gives you some clear advantages right out of the box with solid SEO features built into their web builder. Just make sure to fill out as much accurate information as possible and Jigoshop will take care of where to put it and how to optimize it.

Additionally, you can control all of your e-commerce settings from one, easy to use menu on the WordPress sidebar.  Jigoshop can give your products the best SEO possible by attaching images correctly with proper tags, and by making search-friendly headers, titles, and descriptions.

Use extensions for maximum functionality

Jigoshop has been upgraded to include a core-integrated RESTful API, this allows for secure third-party extensions to add on to your site, increasing your web-stores functionality for whatever you need it to do. This gives you full control over your website on top of a powerful platform to sell.

Jigoshop includes its own email marketing section built in, so right from the start, you can write product emails, newsletters, marketing emails, and invoices right from the back end. Coupons are another built-in feature ready to go as soon as you have some products to sell, which is easy if you already had an online store with the migration tool. You can migrate your products, emails, coupons and even purchase orders and other options from your old e-commerce site right into Jigoshop.

If this is your first time setting up an e-commerce store, fear not, because Jigoshop has an easy process for entering products as well. Generate reports based on your timescale and category, products, discounts, sales, etc. you can also export these reports to CSV files so you can upload them to accounting software or other useful filing programs. One of the other great features of Jigoshop is the built-in premium shipping option, which when properly set up should make shipping payments and estimates a breeze. When you factor in all these features and their relative ease of use, it’s clear to see why so many high-risk merchants are choosing Jigoshop. Visit the Jigoshop WordPress page to learn more about their powerful plugin.