Advanced features for high-risk with Hiveage

Many businesses in the high-risk industry still use invoicing as a primary means of getting paid. Services providers and wholesale providers of products like vape goods, tactical items or cigars often rely on automated invoicing to collect wholesale credit card payments. Invoicing can be a time-consuming process, and therefore there is a large selection of programs to make the task easier and faster. Included among these products are NMI’s out of the box invoicing features, and the more advanced features accessible to high-risk merchants when they combine NMI with a software suite called Hiveage. (Recently, while on a tech call with a provider we were introduced to Hiveage.)

We are happy to report that, although not necessarily in an intentional way, many of these invoice products and features work really well for the high-risk e-commerce community.

Hiveage works with NMI, therefore it works with high-risk

Hiveage boasts seamless integration with one of our favorite high-risk payment gateways, NMI. Hiveage adds functionality for advanced automation, reporting, and increased flexibility for you, the user. We would like to note that this process goes much smoother if the payment gateway is setup before integrating hiveage on your website. Contact us anytime and we will set up your payment gateway correctly. If you have already integrated hiveage and need a high-risk payment gateway set up we can also help you get everything set up for you and ensure that your merchant account, payment gateway, and invoicing systems are all high-risk friendly.

Out of the box high-risk payment invoicing on NMI

NMI is one of our preferred payment processors for a reason; they are easy to integrate for most of our clients and cover an extensive range of high-risk product categories. There is also an included invoicing feature that comes with NMI for those of you who don’t need anything fancy and can get by with functional but straightforward invoicing features. If you have a simple invoicing structure or are just starting out you may not need Hiveage, but if you want features like automated monthly billing or recurring orders you might want to consider them.

High-risk business types that use invoice software

Below are a few examples of businesses types that benefit from sending invoices out for payment:

Pipe and glass wholesalers who ship orders to retailers can make their lives a lot easier by having an automated invoice sent out after their order selection. Wholesalers can quickly generate an invoice, email it and include a link for their clients to click and pay via debit or credit card over the NMI gateway.

Coaches, both business and personal or “life” coaches can take advantage of the easy invoice creation when they are putting together custom programs for new clients. Simply add on the services for that particular client and send out the contract with a link to pay.

SEO service providers who bill for backlinks and copy-writing can “set it and forget it” with an automated billing system. Once you set up their initial invoice options it can almost become passive income.

Tactical supply wholesalers who dropship for other websites and bill net 30 would benefit from advanced invoicing options to quickly get the bill to their customer’s hands with the right taxes and fees.

Hiveage invoicing advantages

Creating an invoice isn’t that difficult, but creating many can be time-consuming, even with templates. Hiveage makes things simple by having a short list of fields to fill in and then it creates the invoice for you. It also makes tracking invoices easier, telling you which have been sent, and which have been paid. You can even send receipts to customers automatically after they pay.

Another great feature is the manageable tax, discount, and shipping function, which gives you maximum control over how you want your customers to be charged and what needs to be included on your invoices. Hiveage helps you create estimates and quotes for potential clients and new customers, you can even add expirations to those estimates and quotes, so if costs go up and you need to charge more, you won’t be stuck at your previously estimated or quoted price.

The software allows you to convert an estimate into an invoice with the click of a button if you land that new client. One of its most impressive and useful features is the ability to manage several teams and businesses through the one application, so if you own several brands, you won’t need to switch to different software or log out and back in to see all of your invoicing information.

Hiveage will export your invoices and reports to you in several different formats, including PDF, additionally, you can add tags and other organization methods to your files, making them easier to find later. It is secured with the same software that many major banks use to protect themselves and their clients so you won’t have to worry as much about third-party eavesdropping or other potential breaches of data. The software comes with a lot of analytical features. From monthly reports to YTD snapshots, accounts payables and receivables, to customer account reviews, it’s all there.

Remember, if you are a high-risk business looking to accept payments, contact us to get that process started. We are here to help!