High-risk friendly software spotlight: Cart66

Get started in high-risk e-commerce without redesigning your website

Do you have a WordPress website that describes a high-risk product like those listed here and want a simple but secure payment solution to add e-commerce functionality? Sometimes it’s easier and better to simply add a feature or plug-in to your existing site than to go out and get a hefty software package and have to learn its ins and outs from scratch. Cart66 is a simple and easy to use tool to process payments for e-commerce needs on an existing WordPress site. It is not only simple, but it also is fairly customizable, allowing you to add buy buttons virtually anywhere and list products on both pages and posts.

Sell high-risk products with a merchant account and a payment gateway

If you are trying to start selling products like e-cigs and vapes, FFL based online gun sales, subscription services or any “high-risk” product category you will need more than just a great e-commerce tool. You will need a payment gateway and a high-risk friendly merchant account to be able to process your transactions. Fortunately, we can easily help get you up and running quickly, helping guide you through the process of setting up your payment gateway. In addition, we can also help you set up a merchant account by recommending one of our vetted contacts that will best fit your e-commerce needs. Cart66 is compatible with 3 of our favorite payment gateways, NMI, ePN, and Authorize.Net, so getting you set up can be quick and painless.

Secure solutions for today’s security problems

In addition to being PCI-compliant Cart66 is generally considered a very secure add-on for a WordPress plugin. The programmers realize, that due to its popularity, WordPress is one of the most commonly attacked platforms on the web, and have done everything they can to beef up security and to give you peace of mind. Cart66 is a strong and simple addition to any WordPress site with an impressive list of features. Contact us if you are interested in getting started in a “high-risk” category and would like to get started with a high-risk payment gateway and or merchant account recommendation for Cart66.