Green coffee beans: High-risk industry update

Green coffee bean based weight loss products are a specialty supplement and sales have been blowing up in recent years, especially since being mentioned on a certain “Dr. O” show for having weight-loss benefits. We try to keep an eye on the market as it is one of the high-risk categories we assist in terms of payment gateways and merchant account recommendations. Many new merchants have taken to sell green coffee beans in their e-commerce web stores, but where does the future of the market lie?

A recent report has been released detailing the status of the market and estimates out to 2022. The analysis covers the entire industry, including the main regions that market the green coffee beans, including the U.S., E.U., China, and Japan. It includes supply chain analysis, industry rules, policies, import/export information as well as cost structures. If you are or are looking to get into this market it might help if you check out this report. For more information, you can purchase the report from Please note, we are posting this for informational purposes and do not benefit in any way from the sale of this report.

Green coffee bean payment gateways and merchant account ideas

If you are looking to get started in green coffee bean e-commerce and would like a payment gateway or merchant account recommendation just fill out the form below and we will be back to you with answers right away. Because weight loss products in general, and green coffee supplements, in particular, have had a history of unscrupulous providers the industry has become notoriously difficult to process credit cards online for. Luckily for you, we have built a huge network of contacts in the payment gateway and merchant account world and have some terrific credit card processing options for green coffee based weight loss supplements. Contact us today to learn more.