Get Your Processing and Your Gateway through the Same Referral Source

Have you ever heard the old saying “Too many cooks spoil the broth”? It certainly holds true in the world of gateways and credit card processing. Using multiple points of contact to find and obtain the essential pieces needed to store customer information and process payments can be cumbersome, to say the least.

By using the same referral source and point of contact for the credit card processor and gateway, you can virtually eliminate the “he said she said” issues that sometimes occur, and additionally you can almost always get yourself the lowest cost possible. By relying on the same source for both, you also have one additional point of contact if there is ever an error or a question, plus you can piggyback on the vendor’s volume discounts or industry knowledge and often save a ton of money on popular gateways like or NMI (Network Merchants Inc) or be introduced to a full-featured (all in one gateway, smartphone, face to face, eCommerce and invoicing) suite like Flint.

In addition to us directly providing one on one set up assistance when needed, our gateway and preferred processing partners provide all of our customers with toll-free tech support. With most of our providers featuring no setup fees and no early termination fees, it’s easy to see why Tasker Payment Gateways is right for your business.