Accept Face to Face Payments and Generate Customer Invoices

As e-merchants know, one of the benefits of doing business online is that you can reach more people with more products in a shorter amount of time than you ever could with a brick-and-mortar store alone. But what happens when long-term efficiency starts hindering immediate effectiveness?

For example, what do you do when you have the opportunity to present your product at a conference or convention? How about during a live event or at a festival or fair? What if someone asks you to do a home party? How do your clients pay an invoice after it is emailed to them? Do you turn people away who carry lots of credit, but little cash? Do you capture them in the heat of the moment or tell them to go home and order online once the excitement has fizzled out?

Please contact us for a detailed analysis of your needs and some cost-effective recommendations. Through NMI, and other sources, we have “invoice for payment” mobile payment and other simplified eCommerce options.