E-commerce spotlight: Sytist and Authorize.Net

Software platform for professional photographers

If you are a professional photographer you are likely well aware of how complex the process can be from shoot to finished product. While to many it may seem you just shoot a camera and hand out the shots, we know it’s much more than that. First, there is the type of event, what you are trying to capture, the differences in lens usage and lighting based on what you want the end product to be. Then you have to edit and polish all the photos in an editor and correct and minor flaws. You may then have to get approval from your client, with green screen sessions you may provide a plethora of extra options for them to choose from. Lastly, you need to get paid, without chasing checks, without accepting peer to peer payments that make you look “small time”. This only scratches the surface. If you are looking for an online, e-commerce photographer focused solution you might want to check out a software suite called “Sytist”. You can read more about them here.

Improve the customer proofing process

You can rejoice in how easy it will be to showcase your work and minimize the amount of effort you must go through to satisfy your clients. Sytist promotes your work beautifully and in your look and feel. In addition, current clients will love how easy it is to review your work and select options when you send them a link to their own private gallery. Proofing has never been simpler for you, now you can send the project link, keeping it propriety, but also allowing the client to get a better picture of your product, without you needing to make a special trip or face to face meeting. Your clients can even select various backgrounds for green screen projects.

Attract more customers with an online presence

With Sytist you might feel more confident because it’s easier to close deals. Find potential customers online through your website and secure their business with an online contract. No need to make them wait and give them the chance to doubt their decision. In addition to this powerful tool you also have access to a booking calendar so clients will know when you are available to offer your services. Another major benefit is the built-in e-commerce functionality. You may offer more than your own photography products for sale. Build a small photographer’s store and add another revenue stream to your business.

Secure payment processing through Authorize.Net

You won’t have to worry about security or transaction processing either. Fortunately, Sytist can be integrated into Authorize.Net’s payment processing system easily, which is one of our top processing channels. We can recommend a merchant account and get you properly set up with Authorize.Net quickly and securely. Please contact us with any questions.