High-risk friendly software spotlight: eBlox

Attract new customers with eBlox

Trying to build up your brand? It can be difficult to break out of the mold when you are stuck using templates with little ability to customize.  Why not have something custom made that won’t break the bank? eBlox is an affordable and painless solution for those who want to stand apart from their competition. Not only are there a plethora of customizable templates to choose from but you can also have your website custom made to cater to your brand and company needs. We have eBlox listed on our third party shopping carts list for compatibility with Authorize.Net, ePN, and NMI, 3 of our preferred payment gateways for e-commerce and “high-risk” industry payment processing.

Company store website tools for total website control

Right off the bat, you get many full features that come at a premium with other software platforms. Responsiveness for mobile and tablet users, custom shipping methods, supply chain management are just a few of the essential functions. If you have multiple sites, you will be able to control them from one place in your dashboard, giving you complete control over your businesses. – If you would like to manage all your merchant accounts through one payment gateway log-in contact us anytime, we are happy to help. – You can even implement points/rewards systems for customers or employees to encourage sales and productivity. In addition to all that – they allow you to use a free demo before purchasing to help you make the most informed decision.

E-commerce and supply chain platforms for real-time commerce

In addition to providing these features to companies for their e-commerce stores, they also have different platforms for both distributors and suppliers. For distributors, they have added SEO functionality and sales ability. Conversion tools, analytics, and quality supplier data give you all the tools you need to get new customers and keep them returning for more. For vendors, SEO is still at the ready, as is marketing automation, distributor tools, and real-time shipping and freight info so those you supply can reorder easily and know when their shipments will arrive. eBlox has put a solid amount of thought into the needs of the average e-commerce vendor and has provided an excellent way to grow if you’re looking to expand your operation.

Payment gateways and credit card processing with eBlox

If you are also in a “high-risk” industry, like drop shipping, firearms and ammunition supply, wholesale vape or pipe components, or e-juice you will also need to make sure you are processing transactions through an authorized and protected payment gateway like Authorize.Net, ePN, or NMI. Additionally, and MOST IMPORTANTLY you should speak to someone like us first to ensure your payment gateway is connected to an appropriate high-risk merchant account on the back end. We can get you started by recommending a payment gateway and merchant account and then integrating it with your eBlox website, allowing you to charge credit cards safely, and stably. For more information about “high-risk” categories and payment processing, please contact us! We are happy to answer questions to anyone even if you aren’t planning on becoming a customer, so don’t be afraid to call or email!