E-commerce customer acquisition tips

Beyond the basics:

Trying to reach the next level of customer acquisition for your online business but nothing seems to be working? After reading this great article from Kissmetrics, we gathered there are a lot of people out there who could use some of their advice. They go into depth on three key tactics that may be leading you astray.

-Flat Design, which in small doses can be useful, but can easily be overdone.

-Having IA (Information Architecture) that drives people away before they get a chance to spend money.

-Carousels – Hint, by the numbers, they do more harm than good.

So what are some good ways of attracting new customers? Well in addition to the obvious: writing more appealing copy, focusing on page load times, and attractive price points, don’t forget about the little things, such as context. At first, it might seem obvious, but there are many subtleties in language that are taken for granted. According to this article from ConversionXL, the relevance of your copy in context could have a major effect on your customer conversions. Identifying what your customers need to know and what their awareness level is, in addition to knowing where they are coming from and why (not just how) they got to your web store will give you a significant edge in catering the customer experience. Knowing their environment will also go a long way in guiding your clients to the checkout button.

In addition to acquiring customers, it is necessary to have a trusted, reliable, safe and secure payment gateway such as NMI, eProcessing Network, or Authorize.Net for your e-commerce store, especially if you are a high-risk merchant. We are happy to help you make sure your customers can feel safe when they purchase from you and assist you with stable, affordable payment data processing.