Current events: Bitcoin and the split

Recently there was a major change in the largest crypto-currency, Bitcoin. Due to disagreements over transaction speed vs. security the digital currency has split in two, with Bitcoin staying as it is, and Bitcoin Cash moving forward with a desire to increase transaction speed. Both are now live, which has begun to affect the value of both Bitcoin and its top competitor Etherium. The value of Etherium has seen its value increase with the uncertainty of its more popular rival.

We wanted to bring you this information because some of you may accept Bitcoin or crypto-currency and should be aware of sudden changes in the industry. It also might be a good time to make sure you are set up to run traditional credit card processing through a payment gateway and ensure you can still accept payments if your customers start moving away from crypto-currency. Contact us if you need to learn more about payment gateways.

Here are several articles on the subject:

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If you are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, you can learn more here.