CoreCommerce Integration with NMI or Authorize.Net

The CoreCommerce slogan, “Grow your business on a robust platform designed to scale,” is a promise they intend to keep. Not only do they have an impressive array of over 250 themes for you to customize your website and make it truly unique, but they have an adaptive platform which integrates easily with NMI and Authorize.Net, two of our favorite processing gateways.

High-risk merchant account choice and flexibility

For high-risk merchants, in particular, the ability to choose your merchant account provider, a feature that both Authorize.Net and NMI provide, is essential. Also, the capability to manage multiple accounts from one gateway and route transactions to more than one merchant account – for different product lines for example –  using the Network Merchants (NMI) ATRI load balancing interface can be an essential tool for online merchants in “high risk” product categories. The ATRI load balancing feature is available through independent businesses like Low-risk merchants can follow these same protocols.

CoreCommerce scalability and plugins

As always, if you contact us first for information on setting up a payment gateway, we will be there to help throughout the entire setup process and will guide you through each step. The best part of CoreCommerce is how easy it is to grow your business, so even if you’re not ready now for full payment processing integration, it will be easy to set up and secure when the time comes. Not only that, but they also have a plethora of apps and plugins to make it easy to manage your store from any of your devices, and stay on top of your supplies and inventory.

Core Commerce integrates with NMI using their emulator function; this requires a simple tweak to 1 or 2 lines of code called the “POST URL.” If you are at all confused by this, trust it, it’s usually really easy, just contact us and we will be happy to help.

If you are looking to get started on CoreCommerce with an NMI or Authorize.Net integration, or if you’re merely curious and researching options so you know what to do when the time comes, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We are here, ready to provide some quick,  free, friendly advice.