Commerce spotlight: 5 ideas for 2017

This week, while perusing the web we came across this interesting article about five technologies, and we wanted to share that info with you! You can read the full article here, while we have summarized some top points below.

5 Technologies Reshaping Retail in 2017

Essentially, the article speaks about the newer technologies being adopted by the commerce and e-commerce communities. Advances in robotics and drones will certainly make some waves, but more important to us are the e-commerce anti-fraud tools.

Incorporating artificial intelligence into the payment process helps recognize fraudulent behavior and squash it. This is especially important for merchants in high-risk categories with big fraud risks like vape and glassware merchants. Some very big industry players have already begun doing this, and you can bet it will only grow in popularity as 2017 continues.

In addition, you have Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology coming onto the scene, Bitcoin has been slow to be adopted by many people out there, but it is still around, and still growing in popularity. The Blockchain tech behind bitcoin is very helpful for businesses with complicated financial transactions, making sure everything falls in line and money goes to the right places securely.

Finally, the article mentions the new age of digital assistance with products like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa becoming more popular in homes and more useful in commerce. These technologies are all going to have a huge impact on our endeavors this year, so make sure you are familiar with how they can help you, instead of hitting roadblocks when they come up!