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CBD payment gateways for Canadian websites

We just received a notice from a trusted contact in Canada. CBD merchant accounts for Canadian businesses are now available and, at first glance, the terms look good. Possibly in response to the passage of Canada’s Cannabis Act C-45, which the Prime Minister already signed into law and which kicks in later this year, the markets have already begun to open up, it appears.

We are not attorneys, so please consult one familiar with your industry before engaging in any regulated activity.

If you have all the legalities out of the way and are looking for a Canadian CBD merchant account, we are happy to make a recommendation. Contact us anytime. 

According to our Canadian merchant account contacts, they can start accepting CBD merchants that fall into either of these two categories:

  • Prescription CBD licensed supplier merchant accounts: CBD oil that is legal in Canada with a prescription, from a licensed supplier or dispensary.
  • Low THC personal use CBD oil merchant accounts: hemp-derived CBD oil with a THC level BELOW .3% that is legal in Canada, for personal use only, without a prescription.

Canadian CBD payment gateways & shopping cart compatibility

At a minimum, it looks like this new solution is compatible with the following site builders: Shopify, BigCommerce, & WooCommerce. If you use a different site builder contact us anytime and we will reach out to see if the Canadian CBD credit card processor is compatible with your website.

CBD payment gateways for Canadian websites - Tasker Payment Gateway quote image

Canadian CBD merchant accounts with fair termsCBD oil illustration

These Canadian merchant accounts are being approved without the unfair reserves, and delays in settlement merchants often struggle with. From what we have seen so far Canadian website owners can get CBD credit card processing from a stable, domestic processor, without funds held back (no reserve) and with daily payouts to their existing Canadian checking account.

If you are a Canadian CBD merchant looking for a payment gateway and a merchant account recommendation, please reach out for a recommendation using the form below.

Again, don’t get legal advice from a website. We are not attornys; you need to consult one familiar with your industry before engaging in any regulated activity.