Brilliant Directories makes a mark with merchants

Are you a high-risk merchant wondering if you could utilize Brilliant Directories? Well, you may or may not know that Brilliant Directories designed their payment processing structure to make it compatible with many popular third-party payment gateways, including Authorize.Net, one of our most popular payment processing gateways.

Please note, although we work with merchants from a diverse set of industries, Brilliant Directories itself does not service tobacco, firearms or other common high-risk industries, but they do a great job servicing other high-risk business. Businesses that store cardholder data, do automated recurring billing and offer free to pay trial memberships (negative options) and annual memberships are a great fit for them. To learn more about Brilliant Directories and for a free trial, follow this link.

Brilliant Directories is a SaaS platform with extensive tools and functions to help low and high-risk e-commerce merchants build custom directories and websites and manage recurring billing and subscriptions.

Payment processing and Brilliant directories are essentially the peanut-butter and chocolate perfect combination when it comes to subscription-based e-commerce merchants, even free to pay and recurring billing merchants. With this Authorize.Net integration news, we can now blend a high-risk friendly processing / Authorize.Net gateway combo package into the “brilliant” Brilliant Directories platform directly and seamlessly. It’s a simple drop down option once we set folks up with the proper package.

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