Payment gateways, high-risk processing, and Brilliant Directories

Brilliant Directories makes a mark with merchants

Brilliant Directories is a SaaS platform with extensive tools and functions to help both low-risk and certain high-risk e-commerce merchants build custom directories and websites while managing recurring billing and subscriptions.

Because our clientele markets products commonly considered “prohibited” by many software companies, our question was, “are there also additional benefits for high-risk merchants wondering if they could utilize Brilliant Directories?” Well, for certain high-risk industries, the answer appears to be yes.

Fortunately, Brilliant Directories is a great choice for many high-risk businesses, though, certain regulated and restricted products may not be compatible (more on that below.)

Authorize.Net compatibility

You may or may not know that Brilliant Directories designed their payment processing structure to make it compatible with many popular third-party payment gateways, including Authorize.Net, one of our most popular payment processing gateways.

Payment processing and Brilliant directories are essentially the peanut-butter and chocolate perfect combination when it comes to subscription-based e-commerce merchants, even free to pay and recurring billing merchants. With this Authorize.Net integration, we can now recommend a high-risk friendly processing / Authorize.Net gateway combo package into the “brilliant” Brilliant Directories platform- directly and seamlessly. It’s a simple drop down option once we set folks up with the proper package.

Not the best fit for everyone

Please note, although we work with merchants from a diverse set of industries, it appears that Brilliant Directories itself does not service tobacco, firearms or other common high-risk industries, but they do a great job servicing other high-risk business. Businesses that store cardholder data, do automated recurring billing, offer “free to pay” trial memberships (negative options) and annual memberships can be a great fit for them.

Brilliant Directories has some standard – and some unique – features

Features include easy design and branding, which you should expect with pretty much any software platform for e-commerce. One great feature right out of the gate is the member management, giving you the ability to generate profits as soon as you have content to share or products to sell. E-mail marketing and lead generation are powerful tools to have at your side, as is SEO and content management.

One unique tool is the host & security optimizer. It’s designed to make your connection with host servers and visitors as fast and secure as possible. As previously mentioned we like Brilliant Directories because of its native ability to connect with Authorize.Net, which works seamlessly with Brilliant’s payment, subscription, refund, and collection tools. One reason many companies need high-risk protection is that they are in an industry that has a higher chance of chargebacks. Forcibly giving people their money back, and paying a surcharge to do so is not usually what we like to do as small businesses, but if you are in a market where it’s likely you will be dealing with chargebacks having the protection is important and can often be the difference between a successful business and a failing one.

Have you ever had a business idea that you wanted to develop but weren’t sure it would take off? Brilliant Directories can help you chart out projections and help you see if it would be a viable, profitable business in a fraction of the time it would take you to test it in an unknown market.

Brilliant for mobile, start-up, and customization

Brilliant also has a new mobile-ready app that can easily transform your website into a mobile e-store. Seeing that mobile sales are only increasing in percentage of overall sales year over year, you can bet that if you aren’t mobile ready you are losing a lot of potential revenue and profits. Currently one of every three purchases takes place online, but they can’t buy from you if you’re not easy to buy from.

Not only is Brilliant Directories great software to run your business with, it’s also great for start-up companies. You can start-up your business with Brilliant Directories in less than 5 hours. Comparatively, it could take you hundreds of hours to start a full e-commerce site in the traditional way, without Brilliant Directories.

In addition to all of the great features, you will have access to the source code of your website, should you be interested in coding or adding any features or tools of your own to further customize of your website. This is not a standard feature with most easy to start web-store platforms, as those are usually running on proprietary software protected by licensing rights. With this open-source approach, you are given the most control over your website.

Need to accept payments for your high-risk website?

Keep in mind, if you are going to use a high-risk payment gateway you will also probably need a merchant account to make everything compatible. We can recommend merchant accounts that are specifically for your business, with no obligation.

Contact us anytime for a free gateway and processing consultation or for some quick, friendly advice.