Bookafy and high-risk payments: A software spotlight

Stay organized, grow your business, and get paid

Bookafy is a powerful app that connects your calendars, syncs employee and client schedules with your calendars, and better yet, allows for the smooth integration of a high-risk payment gateway.

Small business life is fast, and it’s easy to miss tasks and appointments if you do not take steps to remain organized. Why not make life more comfortable by using software that not only helps you stay organized but also helps you run your business?  You can have clients schedule their services or appointments directly, which is particularly useful for “on the go” sales appointments and services.

Bookafy is capable of charging for sales and services through the app using some of our favorite high-risk compatible gateways, which is a considerable advantage over some other scheduling software that restricts payment options, therefore limiting some high-risk industries from accepting electronic payments like credit cards.

Accept payments before or during appointments

Having the ability to charge a client through Bookafy means that you don’t need to sign up for additional business software if you mostly do business by appointment with individuals or group clients.

A classic example would be the in-home vacuum salesperson. Remember the days when one of your neighbors or friends invited you to a sales party? A salesperson would set up an appointment and invite people in hopes of – you guessed it – selling you a vacuum!

Using the vacuum example, it’s easy to see why in today’s world it would be best if the salesperson had an app that they could quickly charge credit cards for whatever they sold, right there on the spot.

You can sell in restricted industries using Bookafy and Authorize.Net

One of the biggest reasons Bookafy was brought to our attention was its native ability to integrate with Authorize.Net, one of our favorite payment gateways. What does this mean exactly? It means that if you are in an industry where your business is turned down by standard payment gateways for various reasons (high charge-back risks, party entertainers, non-traditional counseling, licensed or restrictive sales category or coaching) we can help.

This is a huge help to merchants. Without a reliable electronic payment system in place you will find it is far more challenging to get paid then it would have been even 10 years ago. The digitization of money is growing, and your business needs to grow with it, even if you are in a “high-risk” business category. People simply do not carry cash or checks anymore.

Important: Authorize.Net for high-risk only works when set up properly

We can recommend a merchant account to suit the needs of your Bookafy business. One that will allow you to use Authorize.Net as the front end payment gateway so you can finally charge credit cards without worrying about industry issues or charge-backs. A correctly configured, high-risk payment gateway protects you and your business and makes you look professional.

Bookafy to keep you organized and on track

Bookafy makes communicating with co-workers easy. With messaging, conference call, video chat, and automated email updates you will always feel connected and on the same page with your business.

You can schedule employees and staff quickly, make adjustments on the go if needed, and know that your team will all get the updated schedule, instead of worrying and making sure they checked an update somewhere they might miss it.

Bookafy can grow with your business, as there is an unlimited number of users/staff members it accommodates. It will always be there to help you organize your business, no matter how much you grow.

Possibly one of the most important features is the ability for your customers and clients to leave reviews. Automatically generated requests can be sent out to each client or customer, which gives you great feedback on how to improve your business and can be used to show off how satisfied your clients are. Customer reviews are one of the best ways to convince others to do business with you, don’t miss the advantage of feedback!

Some of the other great features Bookafy comes with include Mail Chimp integration, which makes email marketing a breeze. Bookafy also syncs with Google Calendars, Microsoft 365, and, so whichever calendar you use, you should easily be able to sync or transfer your events over to Bookafy, which will update your calendars as you work. You can set up SMS text alerts for you and your staff, making sure no one misses an appointment, or to remind or double check your client’s confirmation for the appointment. Add buffer time into your schedule, to make sure you give yourself time between appointments to do the things you need to do, such as travel, prepare, etc. Customize the look of your app to give brand recognition to your business.

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