Payment gateways for online auto parts 

If you are in the auto parts or scrap yard business and are ready to put your inventory online, one major issue you will need to resolve is how to accept payments in a “high-risk” industry. Because of the perceived “high-risk” of chargebacks and fraud in your online industry, you will need to have a proper payment gateway to be able to process credit cards or ACH payments. Fortunately, we can help you by recommending a payment gateway like Authorize.Net or NMI and make sure it is powered by an appropriate auto parts friendly merchant account. We will help you, one on one, integrate your payment gateway with your choice of shopping cart or website platform. Whether you use Wix, WooCommerce, or one of the hundreds of available platforms available, we can help.

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Not ready yet? Here are some tips and tricks for new auto parts websites:

The automotive parts industry isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. As we see new technologies develop we have also noticed the market hasn’t settled on any one new thing. Standard gasoline engines and hybrids are still the predominant form of transportation in America and will be for the foreseeable future. It wouldn’t be a crazy idea to want to start or expand into an online parts and accessory store, and we can help you create a more successful one with the ideas and resources below.

Build a marketable website

Before you can sell anything you will need a website built with a solid software platform for e-commerce. As auto parts aren’t an overly complicated retail product you could find a relatively popular and inexpensive platform to utilize on your site; just make sure it allows for the hundreds of SKU’s you will likely need, and includes a robust search feature so customers can easily find their part. We have a large selection of software suites that are compatible with our recommended payment gateways. You can check out some software spotlights on our blog or contact us for ideas. Once you choose a software platform that suits you, you need to create a product catalog.

Sell your own inventory, and find wholesale providers to fill your product catalog 

This is a major decision you will have to make. Many auto parts retailers choose a niche to fit most of their products into, such as Eastern European car parts, others choose a drop ship model. Fitting yourself into a niche and establishing reseller contracts is a big decision and requires some serious thought unless you choose to purchase a large inventory, which is of course very expensive. You may want to spend some time and find a small niche that will be most profitable for you, as you can always expand later on. 

Build SEO and marketing strategies

The biggest thing to worry about after you have your inventory and a website to sell on is reaching your customers. By setting up your SEO, social media and other marketing channels correctly out of the gate, you will be inviting customers to your website. Without a steady presence on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and most importantly Google, you will find it hard to successfully market your products. We recommend you start by immersing yourself in the world of SEO on youtube, channels like Yoast are a great way to start.

P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.