Artificial intelligence and e-commerce, an inevitable combination

Have you been paying attention to the recent rise in artificial intelligence (AI) programs and algorithms online these days? Even Facebook has an auto message responder for its pages. A recent article from gives a great overview of how AI is affecting and will continue to affect global e-commerce. The important thing is to stay ready for e-commerce change.

If you aren’t keeping up to date on the newest tips and tricks of e-commerce marketing, you will quickly fall behind. AI can take many forms, from advanced logistics routing and fraud detection suites to more familiar forms such as site search plug-ins, sales funnels, “you may also like” programs, and highly technical “if-then” patterns that integrate multiple check out options within multiple landing pages.

If you are using outdated platforms and payment gateways you will also find yourself struggling to maintain a competitive edge and lose customers to better sites. AI is just the latest tool in the pocket of the e-commerce marketer, and it’s important to understand its usefulness. Don’t rely on advanced search and fancy sales funnels to make your sales for you. You are still the most important part of your e-commerce store, and you need the right tools in the right place to make the best of it.