The difficulties associated with being on a payment processor’s list of prohibited categories aka their high-risk products list are significant. We found a few articles that seem to have some good insight and solutions and want to pass them on.

Don’t forget, selling high-risk products online is certainly a challenge. We can make it a lot easier by setting up a payment gateway for you – and recommending a merchant account. That doesn’t make marketing your products any easier, though. Here are some tricks we learned that might help you sell through your multi-channel marketing.

This article from details some great ways to engage on Facebook and Google. For example, Facebook won’t let you promote your products over their ad platform, but you can still have a brand fan page for your business and use it to market to your clientele. There is a bit of work involved to build your audience, but ultimately it can be very useful. You can use this channel to give out discount codes and other promotional treats for your audience. Although not mentioned specifically, this article has a lot of great info that applies to marketing yourself in restricted categories like MLMs or on-line FFL sales.

This article from Space Chimp also has some interesting ideas as well, like going old school and setting up radio promotions in markets you target, creating an affiliate website program by contacting specific websites and trying to sell ads to them directly, and some unique ideas to increase the visibility of your site. Ultimately, thinking out of the box is a great way to try to reach customers who might not have ever heard of you otherwise.

Finding new ways to advertise restricted products is a big deal these days, with products like e-cigarettes and vape products being restricted more and more these ideas should help you find ways to increase your multi-channel marketing revenue a bit. Remember if you are just getting started, you need a merchant account and a high-risk payment gateway to be able to process payments for these products, so drop us a line we are happy to help.