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About SSL Certificates

Not all SSL certificates are the same. Some SSL Certificates are from ROOT companies, like GeoTrust or VeriSign, and work in any browser, no matter how old the computer is. Other SSL certs do not work in every browser and do not work on many older computers; therefore we resell only GeoTrust SSL certificates.

1) Basic SSL Cert

The first type of SSL we offer is the Basic SSL Cert.  It gives you encryption and shows up as HTTPS in the browser so that you can satisfy the “secure checkout page” requirements of most credit card processors and merchant account providers. These certificates only verify the domain ownership of the purchaser.

Overview: A quick and cost effective starter certificate that provides a up to 256-bit encryption. This new product is perfect for companies that want to get up and running with SSL quickly and easily. A low-priced, value-branded SSL certificate delivered to you within 10 minutes.

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 2) GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium

The second type of SSL certificate we offer requires the certificate authority to verify the purchaser’s business and their authority to purchase a certificate on behalf of that company.

Overview: $100K Warranty, One Domain Name, 10 minutes Issuance, Dynamic Site Seal, 256-bit SSL Encryption, 99% Browser Compatibility, Mobile device compatibility, Browser Security Lock, Free Revocation and Replacement.

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