Dog sitting software? Who knew? 

From time to time we like to highlight some interesting software as a service (SaaS) companies that we think may interest some of our readers. Although dog sitters are not our primary client base, we are struck that how, in 2017, almost any business type out there has a specific SaaS tailored to their needs that will allow them to organize their business and take payments.


Is your dog sitting business in need of some organization? Maybe you’re growing and need a better way to keep track of your business or a better way to process payments. You should check out LeashTime, an affordable and efficient way to maintain and grow your pet sitting business. LeashTime lets your clients schedule when they need your service, pay you online with credit cards, and setup their pet profile, allowing you to focus less on logistics and more on those cute pets.

Easy financials and processing

LeashTime helps you complete otherwise time-consuming and complicated tasks. Invoicing clients just got a whole lot easier, and so did processing payments. (Contact us anytime to talk payment gateways)  LeashTime allows you to process your payments in batches, and helps you with all the math involved, like surcharges, fees, and taxes. It also allows you to create discounts and other ways to entice customers.

Organize your business

Keeps things organized with LeashTime. Key management and scheduling have never been easier, as the software can track all the information and give it to you, or a team member when needed. Keep scheduling as simple as possible, LeashTime will automatically account for recurring schedules and send you text updates, so you never miss an appointment. It also makes it a breeze for clients to go in and change times and dates for the needs of their schedule. If you require tech support, fear not,  LeashTime offers unlimited support to its users.

Connected and accessible

Stay connected to your clients with secure communication systems built into the software, giving you updates as they happen. You can also track your sitters when they work with a GPS tracker, send reports to owners with detailed information on your visit and plans, and even send photos and let them know when your visit has finished.

It’s a great setup for anyone in the pet sitting business; it could seriously benefit anyone who needs a little organization in a growing industry.