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GoDaddy, the world’s largest registrar, is not only a popular source of domain names, but has also become a destination for online businesses looking to sell their products and services; both traditional eCommerce merchants and (via their seamless integration with Authorize.Net) high risk merchants can now use their “top of the food chain” e-commerce solutions, such as the GoDaddy Quick Shopping Cart.

Of even greater note to high-risk merchants, such as those who sell weight loss products, nutritional supplements, or vaping supplies, is Quick Shopping Cart’s recently added drop down menu integration with – a payment gateway with an excellent track record for working with high-risk businesses. Although GoDaddy currently only supports self-built GoDaddy sites for some high-risk verticals (such as the e-cig industry), there are no restrictions on what can and cannot be sold through the storefronts, making them an affordable possibility for merchants who are looking for the ease of the GoDaddy Site Builder and the high-risk friendliness of the payment gateway.

As its name implies, the Quick Shopping Cart offers merchants a way to sell their products online by providing not only a shopping cart, but also order and inventory management tools, integration with major payment gateways, and customizable, responsive web templates that allow merchants to create their own storefronts with no prior programming knowledge. The site comes with free GoDaddy hosting and features real-time shipping quotes, inventory tracking, order notifications, and fraud management tools.


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