Vape rules get pushback from think tanks

New calls to relax or remove electronic cigarette rules

Prominent high-tech think tanks such as libertarian leaning Tech Freedom and popular information brokers like High Tech Forum are joining in to pressure the new congress into picking up where it left off last April after the Cole-Bishop amendment fizzled out after committee (read more here from on that amendment). The Cole-Bishop amendment, which would have rolled back the FDA deeming rule as it relates to electronic cigarette merchants, is seen as a model by a group of 13 mainly libertarian and free market leaning groups. You can download a PDF of the letter from the Tech Freedom website here

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maWebCenters spotlight: High-Risk payments and more

Need a Better Webstore?

When searching for a new website design software you look for three important things: design, search engine optimization/marketability, and commerce power. maWebCenters is a major contender in all three categories and some high-risk, and prohibited category merchants are noticing. Built specifically with e-commerce in mind, maWebCenters is popular with a wide range of web stores and sites.

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E-commerce tips, January 13

Don’t Hide Your E-commerce Website

Being found is the first step to a great website, these tips will help!

Keeping Online Fraudsters at Bay

A new way to identify fraudulent orders! You should check this out now!!

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Payments and Software Spotlight: FSM Marina

Better, Faster, Stronger Marina Data, and Payment Management

Do you manage a Marina or similar boating facility? Are you tired of out of date software to try to keep up with all the hassle of organization and billing while trying to keep all of your members happy and repairs on schedule? It’s time you took a look at FSM Marina Management Software. Developed using Microsoft’s .NET framework and secure SQL server database engine as a foundation, FSM is compatible with Windows 10 and 7, and also work well with Windows mobile devices. It is also accessible over the web. FSM Marina is not only fast and comprehensive, but it’s easy to learn, very reliable and supports a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous users.

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Sitebuilder Spotlight Duda Mobile

Duda Mobile offers all merchants, including commonly prohibited category and high-risk merchants, payment acceptance options.

Upgrade your Website or Store!

If you are ready for a fast, easy, responsive and mobile website platform that integrates with high-risk friendly gateways like NMI, you should look into Duda Mobile. The Duda mobile website builder creates a responsive mobile site. It takes a lot of the hassle out of rebuilding your website for mobile when you know you need to upgrade the look or style. This is especially if you have multiple sites or if you build websites as a service.  Duda offers many options in addition to mobile that can be viewed on their site.

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Software Spotlight: TicketSpice

Ticketing Done Easy!

TicketSpice is a top ticketing software in the industry and for good reason. According to many, TicketSpice is the most comprehensive and simplified platform out there to help you sell more tickets and keep more of the money from each sale. It is completely customizable; as long as you know how to click a mouse you are in complete control.

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Ecommerce tips January 6 2016

FaceBook video marketing

This year you need to grab their attention, a great video on Facebook can do that.


Customer Service Done Right!

Doesn’t matter what type of business you run, you need customers to survive. Are you accidently turning them away?

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E-commerce tips and tricks Christmas week 2016

This week we have put together an expanded list of e-commerce tips and tricks from all around the internet, we hope you enjoy it!

Dive Right Into e-commerce!

If you are new to the e-commerce scene and want fast growth, check out these tips!

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Shopping Cart Spotlight: Agora Cart

Agora Cart, Affordable and High-Risk Friendly

A Cart With You In Mind

When it comes to shopping carts, there are a million programs out there, but not all of them hold the merchant’s interests at heart. Agora Cart is an open source cart program for your e-commerce website that has and will always focus on the end user, you.  With reasonable one-time payments for lifetime usage and options for building your web-store, Agora Cart is a powerful asset to any e-commerce business.

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Weekly e-commerce tips 12-12-2016

This week’s tips focus on SEO day-to-day, customer service, conversions, and personalized marketing. We hope you learn a thing or two, we did!

SEO Doldrums

It’s no one’s favorite thing to do, but taking 10 minutes a day to increase the visibility of your site surely isn’t a bad idea.


Don’t Forget Who Pays Your Bills

Customer service is also not always fun, but its returns can be huge.

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P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.

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