Marijuana related goods and online payment acceptance

There is a lot of news flying around about Marijuana (or Cannabis) these days. States prohibitions continue to fall like dominoes as the population continues to legalize and regulate its use, whether recreational or medicinal, but federal law is still in direct conflict.

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Software spotlight: Wild Apricot

This week we bring you another excellent software service that can improve your SaaS or e-commerce business. Wild Apricot is an all-in-one platform, which brings your subscription or association based service up to speed with modern ease of use and high-end functionality. It makes the need for multiple service providers obsolete, providing you with accounting, marketing, email, payment processing, and event scheduling right in one easy to use business website.

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Getting started as an online FFL

Interested in getting started in firearm sales?

Some business types are more complicated than others, and many website owners cannot figure out how to get started, or even find a payment system that works because they are considered a prohibited category by the out of the box processing their website builder uses. One of the high-risk industries we often offer advice to is those involved in FFL to FFL on-line firearm sales.  An online Federal Firearm Licensee store can certainly be a profitable way to do business these days, but there is also a degree of risk involved.

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Software spotlight: LeashTime

Dog sitting software? Who knew? 

From time to time we like to highlight some interesting software as a service (SaaS) companies that we think may interest some of our readers. Although dog sitters are not our primary client base, we are struck that how, in 2017, almost any business type out there has a specific SaaS tailored to their needs that will allow them to organize their business and take payments.

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Credit card fraud moving online

Last year, the US saw an upgrade to face to face credit card security with the release of the EMV security chip in American credit cards. This has had an unintended, yet predictable, side effect: fraudsters are moving back to online tactics and away from brick and mortar retail. According to this Bloomberg article, the amount of online fraud went up 40% in 2016, leading to huge spending in the online security industry. Juniper Research estimates online retailors and financial institutions will spend over $9.2 billion by 2020 on fraud detection. Even more disturbing, is the rising number of bots being used to commit fraud. Now fraudsters can simply create a program that monitors online payments and records the account numbers. Learn more from the article, and if you want more info on what the government says about online fraud, check out the link about online fraud. The best way to prevent fraud is to know as much as you can.

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What is transaction laundering?

This week we found an interesting article detailing a method of fraud that many merchants may not even know is fraud! Transaction laundering is when a merchant processes payments on behalf of another business through a legitimate, but different merchant account. The issue is whether or not those payments were for illegal services, as often the products are legal just difficult to find processing for. The article focuses on transaction laundering via mobile sites, but it can be done just as easily on desktop sites as well.

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Selling Vape Products In 2017

Some helpful links, and information on the new vape rules.

New from CSP Daily News

If you haven’t noticed all the changes in the e-cig and vaping industry, you need to catch up. Back in August of 2016, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) finalized its new regulations on the industry. This article from CSP Daily News does a great job of giving some insights on what’s happening, what’s to come, and what you, as an online retailer, should do about it. One important change is the compliance process for manufacturing legally will be more costly beginning in August of 2018. This means that there will be significantly fewer suppliers of the product; this will also drive the price up. The important thing to take from this is to build relationships with those wholesalers that plan on going through the process to be FDA approved. Build your brand now, in 2017, while there is still time because once the deadline hits, many online retailers will need to scramble to make enough sales.

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Commerce spotlight: 5 ideas for 2017

5 Technologies Reshaping Retail in 2017

This week, while perusing the web we came across this interesting article about five technologies, and we wanted to share that info with you! You can read the full article

You can read the full article here, and also we have summarized some top points below.

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Vape Regulations – Am I Compliant?

Legal spotlight: Vape merchants – are you operating within the rules?

The post below was written by C. William Turnbow, Esq. a California business attorney whose firm specializes in assisting small businesses with their legal needs. Frequently, our e-cigarette and vape e-commerce payment gateway clients tell us of the pains they have figuring out how to get and/or stay compliant with the seemingly yearly changes in the laws regulating their products. Their frustration is completely understandable as the information they need is often scattered throughout multiple sources. Therefore, we have asked Mr. Turnbow to write some articles to assist e-cigarette and vape retailers and/or manufacturers to more easily navigate the complex and ever-evolving rules and regulations of their industry. This article provides information specifically regarding the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I hope it is of use.

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FDA Vape Regulations – Are You Selling Drugs?

Legal spotlight: FDA, CDER, and electronic cigarettes

Below is a great article on vape products and the CDER from Attorney C. William Turnbow, Esq., of The Turnbow Law Firm.  We here at Tasker Payment Gateways provide payment gateway and e-commerce products, series, advice, and recommendations; we do not offer legal advice, so please, if you are looking for an Attorney’s advice on your new or existing business, feel free to reach out to our friends at Turnbow Law Firm directly.

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P.S. We're happy to help even if you just have a quick question - even if you are "not ready yet" and just want a little free advice. We regularly earn clients' business years after we first speak.

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